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"It was our first night in Venice. The evening was lovely, the air seductive - it was an easy choice to have our supper on a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. Venice, its sparkling link to a glorious past preserved so lovingly and completely. One was quickly lost in its milieu if not captured by the continuing drama! Hearing a gondolier singing, I looked down from the balustrade where we were dining and in the twilight saw a marvelous, graceful gondola gliding through the water. Gentle waves were slapping at its sides, so softly, so effortlessly it seemed to be unhurried, its passnegers - a couple captivated by the experience. Lanterns attached to the gondola were swinging and their arcs created circular patterns of light. Fascinated, I incorporated their sweeping movement in the watercolor."

- Reflections on Grand Canal, Venice, featured above.


Throughout his career, George created over 450 paintings. Working primarily in watercolor but also in oil, he had an incredible eye for detail and the ability to express emotion and feeling in his work. On the following pages, his paintings have been organized by era. Click on "View All Works" to see detailed records of all the paintings he created during each decade.

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